Doing Something Outside Myself

After emergency mode it can be hard to pick up the pieces and get back to normal. Actually, in my experience you don’t really “get back,” rather, you create new. However, I’m not sure whether that’s true for everyone. Anyway, approaching your own normal concept is challenging too.

One thing I’ve found especially helpful is volunteering in an area outside of cancer. It provides a larger image of the world where other people go through tough times too and we all work together to support each other and make our bit of the world a better place.

I personally volunteer with k-12 students affected by homelessness and feel so happy each time I’m with them. I’m lucky enough to be part of positive experiences in their lives and they are a positive experience in mine. I get to be a part of their choices which empower them to be ready to learn and expand their horizons.

Sometimes I actually feel guilty that I go away with a heart full of love and joy when I was there to give. We’re all in this world together and it feels good to focus on the positive together and help lift each other up. I’d like to say more but I’m headed in and don’t want to be late.

It doesn’t have to be physical volunteering and I’m well aware that not everyone is able to. Even spreading your mental focus outside your own state/ situation/ issues to someone or something else helps.

*photo from Free Photo Library

2 thoughts on “Doing Something Outside Myself

  1. Yes, this is a very positive way to stay connected, too. We give and receive, but in the larger picture, we feel connected, something cancer patients/families don’t often feel. Isolation is a huge problem with cancer. Best of luck to you and I am glad you find joy in those children. I’m sure they love you.

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