Introducing Rubble Blossom

What do you do when everything you’ve worked for, achieved and produced takes an unexpected plunge into a new reality?  Do you hide?  Simply adapt or morph like a chameleon into your new, unexpected life?  Do you fight it with all your might? Is it even that quick and easy of a decision?

For me, it wasn’t.  I went from teaching an exercise class to having a seizure and being sped to the hospital for an MRI, all within the 45 minute class.  Within the next forty-eight hours, I was informed of my brain tumor, life expectancy, and said goodbye to part of my brain.  That’s a big change within two days.  The words oligodendroglioma, craniotomy, chemotherapy exist, but they are all better described as an explosion, a volcano, a cluster-fuck.  Everything happens all at once and simultaneously takes and creates damage you can’t imagine.  Instinctually, escape plans arise, but things are too hot, too broken, too unsettled and time stands still, making you feel every ounce of the cuts, burns, throbbing pains, and damage that come with traumatic moments in slow motion.

At first, you might think you should’ve died or be surprised you didn’t- but once reality sets in, you’re breathing under all the rubble- what do you do?  Lay there and die anyway?  Take all the help you’re offered, make excuses, and do nothing for yourself?  Or climb the fuck out and try to live?  That’s what I did but that’s not where the challenge ends- it’s where it really begins.

How does life go now that you’ve got changes, challenges, injuries, damage?  If you chose to blossom, this new part of life begins with some recovery, healing, adaptations and learning.  Join me in figuring it out. I’ve been crushed, hit, damaged.  But fuck if I’m going to empower that part!  With all I have left, I’m going to live my best life.  With all I have left, I’m going to blossom, and that’s what this blog will be about. Things I’m currently working on involve, but in no way are limited to, being “Brain Cancer Freeish” which I’ll explain in a blog, exercise, diet, day to day challenges, setting goals, breaking out of my comfort zone, and more.

So now it’s time to ask, can we get through this together, the good and the bad? We’re alive and it’s time to grow through our damage. It’s time to find our strength.  It’s time to blossom.

**This is a preview of my new “coming soon” blog, Rubble Blossom.  I’ll let you know when it’s up and running!

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