Week of Wow, I Just Recognized the Obvious

The last week or so has been really hard but worth the work. Psychologists out there, please try not to, “duh..” me, but did you know that many of my problems in life and EVERY SINGLE ONE of my problems in relationships traces back to my childhood family roles?

On one hand it’s very complex and baffling, yet on the other hand it’s so primitive! I believe in evolution and get the chimpanzee link, but this makes me feel more like a cockroach! I mean I have my hard-to-break shell and know to eat and sleep. Am I really that basic and is life that centered on pure survival over higher quality like the upper level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

On one hand I feel like every problem in my whole life was just a predictable waste. Yet on the other hand I think I can use this information in a good way. I mean any problem yet to come just requires me to look at it from my role and understand why I feel that way. It would be like drifting above myself pulling strings like I’m a puppet. “Ok, now do this…,” Wow! I seriously feel like I’m on drugs right now (I’m not). But my mouth is agape and I’ve got this, “wtf?,” running through my head. I’m partially insulted by the fact that my struggles could’ve been avoided and yet excited that I can use the information for good.

What do you all think of this? I value your thoughts and experience!

6 thoughts on “Week of Wow, I Just Recognized the Obvious

      1. I use that,mix it up with cognitive biases and I try to label negative thought patterns when they come up. As they happen in patterns. Once labelled. (oh it’s just that!) They are easier to dismiss.

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      2. Thank you, Tim. I could see patterns but didn’t understand the, “why?,” and it seemed like nothing helped. This makes a lot of sense and I really appreciate it!


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